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Three artists. Three voices. One big sound. Many inspired, heartfelt songs. Brothers Of Others combine soaring vocal harmonies, raw energy, and flowing arrangements to create their own brand of uplifting, soulful rock n' roll. They're all multi-instrumentalists, lead vocalists, and accomplished songwriters; each with a distinct personality, but all sharing a common love of classic, timeless, feel-good music. Their blend of unique voices and influences gives Brothers Of Others a wide-ranging appeal. They aren't just a few guys with the same haircut trying to sound like some other more well-known band with the same haircut. They're three original artists supporting each other on a mutual musical journey - and they love having you along for the ride.

And it's a wild ride. Brothers Of Others can go from the most delicate acoustic music to hard-hitting, sing-along rock n' roll anthems. They routinely switch instruments on stage, with all of them sharing lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, and even drums. And throughout their concerts, there's always passion and intensity with a healthy balance of smiles, dancing, and leaps off the drum riser.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Brothers Of Others have played all over the U.S. and have also performed internationally. They're busy guys, performing over 160 shows a year on average. You can see their current schedule here, and you can book them for a public or private event here, But if you just can't wait until their next concert to get a fix of their music, you can listen to some clips here.



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